La Primitiva results: (6 - 27 - 28 - 32 - 38 - 45 - 44) Reintegro: (4) | 2022-07-02 [Saturday] | Next estimated jackpot: 30.000.000 € | Next draw La Primitiva: 2022-07-07 [Thursday] *** SuperEnaMax results: (16 - 17 - 49 - 66 - 82 - 86 - 1) Bycza Liczba: (67) | 2022-07-05 [Tuesday] | Next estimated jackpot: 254.000.000 € | Next draw SuperEnaMax: 2022-07-07 [Thursday] *** EuroJackpot results: (7 - 16 - 28 - 36 - 43) : (2 - 11) | 2022-07-05 [Tuesday] | Next estimated jackpot: 82.000.000 € | Next draw EuroJackpot: 2022-07-08 [Friday] *** UK Lotto - National Lottery results: (9 - 25 - 36 - 41 - 44 - 54) Additional Number: (48) | 2022-07-06 [Wednesday] | Next estimated jackpot: 7.400.000 £ | Next draw UK Lotto - National Lottery: 2022-07-09 [Saturday] *** SuperEnaLotto results: (16 - 17 - 49 - 66 - 82 - 86) Jolly Number: (1) | 2022-07-05 [Tuesday] | Next estimated jackpot: 233.900.000 € | Next draw SuperEnaLotto: 2022-07-07 [Thursday] *** El Gordo results: (6 - 10 - 16 - 27 - 44) key number: (3) | 2022-07-03 [Sunday] | Next estimated jackpot: 6.300.000 € | Next draw El Gordo: 2022-07-10 [Sunday] *** France Lotto - National Lottery results: (10 - 16 - 25 - 43 - 44) Lucky Number: (4) | 2022-07-06 [Wednesday] | Next estimated jackpot: 2.000.000 € | Next draw France Lotto - National Lottery: 2022-07-09 [Saturday] *** Euro Millions results: (7 - 10 - 25 - 45 - 48) lucky stars: (3 - 6) | 2022-07-05 [Tuesday] | Next estimated jackpot: 230.000.000 € | Next draw Euro Millions: 2022-07-08 [Friday] *** SuperLotto Plus results: (10 - 13 - 34 - 38 - 41) Mega Ball: (21) | 2022-07-06 [Wednesday] | Next estimated jackpot: 26.000.000 $ | Next draw SuperLotto Plus: 2022-07-09 [Saturday] *** Power Ball results: (32 - 36 - 49 - 62 - 69) Red Ball: (13) | 2022-07-06 [Wednesday] | Next estimated jackpot: 48.000.000 $ | Next draw Power Ball: 2022-07-09 [Saturday] *** Mega Millions results: (27 - 31 - 50 - 51 - 61) Mega Ball: (21) | 2022-07-05 [Tuesday] | Next estimated jackpot: 400.000.000 $ | Next draw Mega Millions: 2022-07-08 [Friday] *** Oz Lotto results: (2 - 17 - 20 - 22 - 29 - 31 - 41) Sup.: (7 - 18 - 36) | 2022-07-05 [Tuesday] | Next estimated jackpot: 2.000.000 A$ | Next draw Oz Lotto: 2022-07-12 [Tuesday] *** Oz Power Ball results: (3 - 6 - 13 - 14 - 16 - 28 - 30) Power Ball: (11) | 2022-07-07 [Thursday] | Next estimated jackpot: 8.000.000 A$ | Next draw Oz Power Ball: 2022-07-14 [Thursday] *** Mega Sena results: (9 - 12 - 26 - 29 - 46 - 47) | 2022-07-06 [Wednesday] | Next estimated jackpot: 3.000.000 R$ | Next draw Mega Sena: 2022-07-09 [Saturday] ***

Will I be paid?

Yes, payout is guaranteed! PlayUKinternet has a vested interest in paying our registered players. It is a result of business continuity on which PlayUKinternet bases its activity. Since inception in 1998 PlayUKinternet wants to ensure the highest customer care standards.

What are PlayUKinternet’s despatch and return policies? 

Payment details must be entered before PlayUKinternet will process your order. Major credit cards are accepted. If you wish to pay using another method, please read instruction on bank transfers into a players account.

Despatch: to place bets with UK Lottery and Euro Millions Lottery you need to register with the service, login and enter the entry details on the PLAY page. You may place your bets for the next or future draws by choosing the appropriate dates on the PLAY page panel. We are not able to process any entries once the draws have been closed at 16:00 GMT on the drawing day – Euro Millions on Fridays and UK Lottery on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Once entry placement has been closed for a particular draw, the next draw date is set by default. Once you have sent your entry we shall email you a "confirmation of entry". PlayUKinternet is not liable for any possible losses due to poor connection quality caused by your internet provider.

Changing your entry data: you may modify the draw date on your entry provided your entry has not been dispatched yet.

Cancellations: if you are not entirely satisfied with service you have received, we will consider a return, as long as your reason is valid. To make a complaint please email us on:

What happens to my entry?

The life-cycle of an entry begins with the submission of your entry into an official terminal of UK Lottery in the UK, Power Ball and Mega Millions in the USA or Super Ena in Italy. It is then registered in the central computer system of UK Lottery. Your numbers are printed out on a retailer terminal and passed on to PlayUKinternet. It is then locked in a safe until after the relevant draw. A confirmation of the purchase will be emailed to you prior to each draw. If you win, PlayUKinternet will make a claim on your behalf and they will then be paid out accordingly. Your account balance is always accessible once you have logged on to the "Account Balance" section. There you may decide if the funds are to be paid out or you may redeem (at promotional conditions) them as vouchers for further play. See how you can manage you lottery winnings.

Why do we charge more than the actual ticket price? 

We charge a premium for your PlayUKinternet entries because:

1. The PlayUKinternet entries from all around the world have to be added to a database and securely managed.

2. In the event of a win our subscribers are automatically informed by email or by phone, regardless of their whereabouts. Telephone notification is only made for winnings in excess of GBP 200.

3. Our PlayUKinternet team have to manage the accuracy of worldwide entries and contact our players to guide them through the entry process if required.

4. Our team have to physically buy the tickets, store them securely and manage winnings payouts.

5. PlayUKinternet employs a large staff complement to ensure professional services and its continuous improvement.

6. PlayUKinternet maintains and updates the internet service which enables players all over the world to make entries at Euro Millions and UK Lottery.

7. PlayUKinternet is a private enterprise providing a premium interactive service and due to the nature of the activity allows for a reasonable profit within the price structure.

8. In the event of a player’s decision to redeem the winnings as vouchers for further play, we do not charge a premium and the tickets are sold at nominal value.

9. We have introduced a bonus system which allows a number of free entries depending on a number of entries made in a given calendar month. Please read about premium system terms and conditions.

10. Additionally each purchase of 5 entries in a lottery is awarded a premium of one free lottery entry.

How do I play the game? 

Please refer to the "How to play" section.

Why are the US lotteries payouts annuities?

As a ticket purchasing service, we physically have to line up to purchase the tickets. Purchases are made in various US states depending on the current demand and the availability of terminals. Some states in the US require a predetermined marking of the play-slip to indicate the preference of the jackpot payout: cash amount or annuity payout. Tickets purchased via PlayEuroMillions are marked as annuity payments, with a total value higher than a lump sum payout.

Do I need to be a UK resident or citizen to play?

No – anyone can play but logistically you have to be in the UK to buy a UK Lottery ticket, or in any other country where Euro Millions is available, Super Ena in Italy, or the USA to play Power Ball or Mega Millions. PlayUKinternet is located in Great Britain and additionally has offices in Italy and USA facilitating online purchases and notification about/claiming of prizes in particular lotteries on behalf of their clients.

ATTENTION: Only players allowed by their domestic jurisdiction may participate in foreign gambling and betting.

What is the latest time I can enter on the day of the draw?

Each lottery has a specific cut-off time in order to allow us to complete purchases in due time. Naturally, however, it is always best to purchase as early as possible as the sites can become rather slow when many customers leave their ticket purchasing to the last minute. Each site displays a countdown to the cut-off time on its home page. It is the subscribers’ responsibility to achieve the entry deadline. Please note that daylight savings time may well affect the time differences between certain countries.

How many rollovers can take place? 

This varies from one lottery to another. In the case of the UK Lottery there is a maximum of three rollovers. After a triple rollover, the unwon jackpot is distributed amongst the next tier winners. The Euro Millions Lottery can roll over many more times. However, if the jackpot is not won on the twelfth successive week then the jackpot prize is distributed between the next tier winners.

When will the winnings be paid?

Claiming small prizes can be done as soon as the system opens again after the draw. Major prizes can be claimed on the following working day. Payment settlement is made within 10 days receipt of customer instruction.

How will I be paid if I win the UK Lottery?

You will be notified of your winnings via an email. At this point, your winning is checked in and awaits further instruction. View your account management options. You may either update your account balance with your winnings, choose to convert them to vouchers or withdraw the funds. Learn how to request winnings withdrawal. In case of a withdrawal our representative will contact you to discuss transfer details and the currency (EUR, GBP, USD). We send (by registered post) cash, in a chosen currency (pounds, dollars, euros), for winnings under GBP 200.

If the FAQs haven’t answered your questions – contact us.

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