La Primitiva results: (6 - 27 - 28 - 32 - 38 - 45 - 44) Reintegro: (4) | 2022-07-02 [Saturday] | Next estimated jackpot: 30.000.000 € | Next draw La Primitiva: 2022-07-07 [Thursday] *** SuperEnaMax results: (16 - 17 - 49 - 66 - 82 - 86 - 1) Bycza Liczba: (67) | 2022-07-05 [Tuesday] | Next estimated jackpot: 254.000.000 € | Next draw SuperEnaMax: 2022-07-07 [Thursday] *** EuroJackpot results: (7 - 16 - 28 - 36 - 43) : (2 - 11) | 2022-07-05 [Tuesday] | Next estimated jackpot: 82.000.000 € | Next draw EuroJackpot: 2022-07-08 [Friday] *** UK Lotto - National Lottery results: (9 - 25 - 36 - 41 - 44 - 54) Additional Number: (48) | 2022-07-06 [Wednesday] | Next estimated jackpot: 7.400.000 £ | Next draw UK Lotto - National Lottery: 2022-07-09 [Saturday] *** SuperEnaLotto results: (16 - 17 - 49 - 66 - 82 - 86) Jolly Number: (1) | 2022-07-05 [Tuesday] | Next estimated jackpot: 233.900.000 € | Next draw SuperEnaLotto: 2022-07-07 [Thursday] *** El Gordo results: (6 - 10 - 16 - 27 - 44) key number: (3) | 2022-07-03 [Sunday] | Next estimated jackpot: 6.300.000 € | Next draw El Gordo: 2022-07-10 [Sunday] *** France Lotto - National Lottery results: (10 - 16 - 25 - 43 - 44) Lucky Number: (4) | 2022-07-06 [Wednesday] | Next estimated jackpot: 2.000.000 € | Next draw France Lotto - National Lottery: 2022-07-09 [Saturday] *** Euro Millions results: (7 - 10 - 25 - 45 - 48) lucky stars: (3 - 6) | 2022-07-05 [Tuesday] | Next estimated jackpot: 230.000.000 € | Next draw Euro Millions: 2022-07-08 [Friday] *** SuperLotto Plus results: (10 - 13 - 34 - 38 - 41) Mega Ball: (21) | 2022-07-06 [Wednesday] | Next estimated jackpot: 26.000.000 $ | Next draw SuperLotto Plus: 2022-07-09 [Saturday] *** Power Ball results: (32 - 36 - 49 - 62 - 69) Red Ball: (13) | 2022-07-06 [Wednesday] | Next estimated jackpot: 48.000.000 $ | Next draw Power Ball: 2022-07-09 [Saturday] *** Mega Millions results: (27 - 31 - 50 - 51 - 61) Mega Ball: (21) | 2022-07-05 [Tuesday] | Next estimated jackpot: 400.000.000 $ | Next draw Mega Millions: 2022-07-08 [Friday] *** Oz Lotto results: (2 - 17 - 20 - 22 - 29 - 31 - 41) Sup.: (7 - 18 - 36) | 2022-07-05 [Tuesday] | Next estimated jackpot: 2.000.000 A$ | Next draw Oz Lotto: 2022-07-12 [Tuesday] *** Oz Power Ball results: (3 - 6 - 13 - 14 - 16 - 28 - 30) Power Ball: (11) | 2022-07-07 [Thursday] | Next estimated jackpot: 8.000.000 A$ | Next draw Oz Power Ball: 2022-07-14 [Thursday] *** Mega Sena results: (9 - 12 - 26 - 29 - 46 - 47) | 2022-07-06 [Wednesday] | Next estimated jackpot: 3.000.000 R$ | Next draw Mega Sena: 2022-07-09 [Saturday] ***

In yesterday’s draw in the Italian game of chance Superenalotto once more nobody hit the "six", with a jackpot of - €135.9 million - says Ansa agency.

The stake now is €139.9 million.

Although the odds of matching the winning combination are 1 in 622 million, undaunted players have kept on trying to pick the numbers since January – so far in vain.  

It’s not only the Italians who try but also foreigners, who come to Italy to try their lucky hand.

According to Associated Press players have spent over €2 billion since the beginning of the year in the hope of winning. So far only Italy seems to be the winner as its treasury profits from this game of chance. Superenalotto has the world’s biggest rollovers.

Source:, 18 August 2009.

€139.9 m at an average NBP (Polish National Bank) exchange rate on 18.08.2009  which was 1.4118 $ amounts to 197515621 $. For most of us it is an unimaginable sum of money, but also most of us would like to posses it.

The gold rush is on and not only in Italy. The Polish as well, though still a bit shy, are beginning to approach foreign lotteries with a growing confidence. Perhaps because the prize might be incomparably greater in let’s say SuperEna than in for example Polish Large Lotto. Such a win is a guarantee of wealth not only for the fortunate ones who matched the lucky six numbers but also for their children, grandchildren, and for the future generations as well if the money is invested wisely. Although it is not a Bill Gates' style fortune, it opens quite a few doors Bill had to open himself. That is why we keep our fingers crossed for our customers and wish you the highest wins.


We would like to inform you that presently we’re introducing a Polish language version for the PlayEuroMillions  service, which till 9 August 2009 will be in trial phase. At the same time we would like to apologize for any inconvenience connected with the use of our service until the end of the trial period. Should you have any questions or doubts concerning the Polish language version, please email us on the address available in the CONTACT section.


Fantastico! Magnifico! Eccelente! The Italians tend to use many words to describe something positive. For us, the positive word that we should like to hear a lot is SuperEna. It is associated with Italy just like Ferrari, Versace and Botticelli.

SuperEna lottery is one of the world’s biggest lotteries when it comes to paid out prizes. SuperEna Lottery thrills players all over the world three times a week. Now, our players can also try their luck in this exceptional game. Bellisima!

Commencing next week, lottery players from all over the world will be granted access to our newest PlayEuroMillions offer - Super Ena lottery. Let us present some information about SuperEna, so that it’s clear why we are as excited as the Italians:

1. The SuperEna lottery rules are very similar to those of the UK Lottery, mostly because you make a simple choice of six numbers. The six numbers are drawn plus an extra number called Jolly Number. The basic difference is that we make a choice of 6 out of 90 numbers. For this reason the odds of matching the lucky "six" is lower than in the UK Lottery but the fortunate consequence of that is that the rollovers often come one after the other creating huge amounts of money. And that is what we all hope for – to hit the jackpot on a huge rollover!

2. The six lucky winning numbers in SuperEna lottery come from the first drawn unique numbers in local lotteries taking place in Bari, Milan, Rome, Palermo, Florence and Naples. Should the "first" drawn number happen to repeat in different local lotteries, the next drawn number is chosen.

3. The first SuperEna lottery draw took place on 3 December 1997. Draws take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Rollovers and winnings in SuperEna lottery are amongst the highest in Europe and often reach €50,000,000.

4. The highest SuperEna lottery rollover so far was €100,756,197.30 ($128,000,000) and was scooped quite recently, on 23 October 2008.

5. The basic win pool of the first degree in SuperEna lottery is €1,300,000 and it is rolled over until it’s won. Presently, there are no limits neither on the amount of money in the pot – "jackpot" nor on the number of rollovers, which may occur in SuperEna.

6. There are five wins categories in SuperEna lottery: matching "six" -jackpot, matching "five" plus an extra number - Jolly Number, next there is "five", "four’ and "three". The wins levels in SuperEna lottery are variable and depend on the wins pool in a given draw and the number of winning tickets in each category.

Play SuperEna lottery with PlayEuroMillions! Buona fortuna!


It definitely must have had something in common with a Hollywood movie scenario. A young farmer struggling to survive in the poorest part of the USA wins one of the greatest rollovers in the history of the American lottery Power Ball - $232 million, after buying a lottery ticket in a little town called "Winner".

23-year-old Neal Wanless equipped in a black cowboy hat, grinning during a Friday ceremony received a check for a huge payment from Power Ball lottery. Neal, a bachelor, lives with his parents on a small farm near Mission. Once he received his prize, he said that he was going to repay his neighbours who had supported his family and buy a bigger farm. "I would like to thank God, who gave me this grace and granted me this fortune. I will not waste this gift," he said during the ceremony.


Wojciech is going to spend the next weekend in exceptional luxury with Formula One’s biggest stars. He may consider himself extremely lucky, because his name was chosen from among thousands of people who took part in the last edition of the Monaco 2009 contest. The prize includes the flights, luxurious stay in Monaco and the company of Formula 1 stars, who are there personally to introduce our winner to the tricks of the trade. Congratulations!


Europe’s biggest lottery winner is a 25-year-old Spanish woman who was in fear of losing her job and was unaware of her £110 million jackpot because she was struck down with the flu. The unnamed woman, from Majorca, only discovered she had become a multi-millionaire when she returned to work on Monday after being tracked down by lottery officials.

She went back to work after fearing she might lose her job because of the recession, only to turn on her phone and be told she had won the jackpot. The ticket was bought through a commercial website much like and was later validated at the Black Cat kiosk in the center of Madrid.

"I was still sick on Monday so I decided to go to work out of fear of losing my job given the economic crisis we are going through," she said in a statement. "When she learned the news she was frightened and at the same time very, very moved. Logically she asked us many questions," a EuroMillions official added.

The winner and her boyfriend are expected to travel to Madrid to collect the winnings – the process of collecting their winnings will be explained and they will receive financial advice should they need it. Since the record jackpot win was revealed on Friday, Spain has been abuzz trying to discover the identity of the lucky winner. She beat odds of 76 million to one by guessing five correct numbers (4, 23, 24, 29, 31) and two stars (8, 9) to win the €126,231,764 jackpot.

The previous biggest Euro Millions winner was Delores McNamara, from Ireland, who scooped £77million in 2005 and the previous record for a single ticket winning a jackpot prize was around £81 million in Italy's SuperEnalotto in October last year. Look out for our SuperEnalotto offering coming soon...

EuroMillions is a European lottery made up of contributions from the lotteries of the UK, Spain, France, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland.



Dolores McNamara, is no longer the single biggest European lottery winner. Last night, a single Spanish ticket won the EuroMillions pan-European lottery, netting its owner a cool €126,231,764.

McNamara's previous record of €115,436,126 stood for nearly four years. Her phenomenal win took place in July 2005. At this point, the name of last night's winner is unknown, but we will let you know as soon as it is announced.

The inspired EuroMillions number selection of 4, 23, 24, 29, 31, with two lucky stars of 8 and 9, was announced in last night's EuroMillions results show in Paris. It is very seldom that a massive jackpot of this magnitude is won by a single entry.

The EuroMillions lottery is run by nine European countries and is considered to be the world's most exciting lottery game. This Friday's winner can now boast a bank balance that rivals some of the world's richest. Considering it is the equivalent of four years of David Beckham's salary, one begins to understand how this jackpot winner must feel.

Euro Millions, which has been on offer for the last five years, brings together the lotteries of the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg and Austria.

The jackpot for the next Euro Millions draw is will be approximately €15,000,000.
Yes, here comes that time again. When the Super Euro Millions draw takes place, emotions peak and the imagining of such a win takes us to a fulfilled-dreams-land. Euro Millions lottery, the biggest European lottery, announced that in the next draw on Friday 6 March, the rollover will come to €100,000,000.

It does not happen too often, so if you’ve ever thought of changing your everyday life into for a rather more unusual one, this is the right moment.

Stop and imagine that the main prize is yours. Think how much you can do for yourself, your family, charity organisation or somebody in need. And now stop your imagination and act!

Get your lottery ticket in Euro Millions. Seven numbers might mean a nine-digit cash influx. You have a great chance, like any other person counting on €100 million this Friday but only if you get your winning ticket. Play now!


As of the Power Ball draw on Wednesday 7 January 2009, with another rollover of $105,000,000 new terms and conditions are introduced to the lottery. The state of Florida has joined Power Ball, which resulted in a lottery numbers choice modification, structure of payment and rollovers.

The following changes were introduced:

• The initial set of numbers to choose from is increased from 55 to 59
• The average expected rate of rollovers rises from 95,5 to 141  million dollars.
• The second set of numbers, from which the Power Ball is drawn, is reduced from 42 to 39.
• The basic jackpot in the first draw increases from 15 to 20 million dollars
• The state of Florida becomes a Power Ball lottery member

The introduced changes will result in a rise in the number of paid out Power Ball lottery prizes and at the same time the potential rollover rates rise.


The biggest rollover ever in the history of Large Lotto with a 40 million polish zloty designated first degree prizes went to five lucky people, who matched 6 from 49 numbers. In the draw each one of them won 8,093,234.30 polish zloty.

Here are the results of this historical draw: 8 - 13 - 18 - 21 - 24 - 47. Congratulations to the lucky players!


The highest prize in the world’s lottery history was to be won in Italy on Tuesday 14 October, Polish media stated calling upon Agicos agency – as much as €83,5 million, that is - bagatelle - almost 250 million zł. Which was the result of a five month long rollover in SuperEna Lottery.

Nor was it won and the Italians have the next rollover in SuperEna lottery, neither is it true that, as stated by the media, it was the highest ever prize in world’s lottery history. Only recently a prize at EuroMillions was €130 million and the highest rollover in this game has reached €183 million.

In sunny Italy the gold rush is on. Once more kilometre-long queues begin to appear in front of lottery ticket offices. Everybody dreams about the same thing – to buy that one lucky ticket. And the game is well worth it. Because in yesterday’s draw nobody hit the jackpot (a six-month-long rollover) again like for the past half a year, the enormous sum of €87 million is to be scooped. And only yesterday it was "just" 83.5 million.

Agicos agency, which specializes in gathering data about games of chance in the world, points out that this rollover is unlike any other, because there has never been such a prize before (sic!). Agicos agency says one thing and we, on the other hand, offer (without queuing) adequately pleasant amounts of money in EuroMillions Lottery, Power Ball, Mega Millions and the UK Lottery.

And by the way, Italy will soon enter a new Pan-European game Super-Euro-Lottery based on rules similar to those of Euro Millions. It is best not to think what is going to happen in sunny Italy... And what about Poland, are our Totalizator Sportowy activists asleep?


As a result of this draw there was no match of all 5+2 numbers, that is why, according to the Euro Millions Lottery terms and conditions, the pool of €130 million was distributed amongst 15 players who matched the next tier 5+1. Each of the players took home €9,184,505. Congratulations!


Play Euro Millions again raises the bar by offering its players two leading American interstate lotteries: Power Ball and Mega Millions.

Those two lotteries have gained in popularity since they were first introduced. At the moment millions of players from the US and online from all over the world participate.  The world’s highest lottery rollovers were recorded in Mega Millions and Power Ball. Try your luck – you never know when you might hit the ball!


"Now it’s a life-long holiday!" – as most of you would say if you won 9,000,000 Euro in Euro Millions Lottery but  not British railway employee, Carl Prance …

The railway system in the United Kingdom was often compared to the human blood circulation system, carrying goods and people, supporting the economy in productive ways.  For Carl Prance trains mean something more – it is them that move in his blood circulation system and that is why obtaining at the peak of his career the material satisfaction in the form of a lottery win, quickly "killed" the travelling bug and spent 10 months travelling, and the one true bug to be killed turned to be the railway itself.  That’s why he decided to get back to work as soon as possible.

"I was delighted to get a job in the railway again, this time in the office", said Carl, "it meant a comeback to trains and to my work mates".

In October Carl Prance and five family members shared the £6,900,000 prize that is about €9,000,000 as a result of a pot share of £88,000,000 won by the players of Euro Millions Lottery.

Previously Carl did not pass a medical check-up, which would enable him to continue his work as a train engine driver, which he had been doing for 34 years.  He is now contented with his new position in the office, where he can still live his true passion.

Number 88 comes back this week in Friday’s rollover of €88 million, which is the result of five successive lottery draws with no win.

Why not take the example of Carl Prance and do the work, which motivates us in life and which we love? A problem, which such impressive winning may resolve, is that of a job we do because we have to and not we want to.

Cross out your lucky numbers without even leaving home!


Have you ever wondered how and when Euro Millions lottery first appeared?

A few interesting facts:

* Euro Millions Lottery came into existence on 7 February 2004.

* Euro Millions Lotto is a Pan-European lottery set up by the French Francaise des Jeux, Loteria y Apuestas del Estado from Spain and the British Camelot.

* The first Euro Millions draw took place on 13 February 2004 in Paris.

* At first, this European lottery was available only in France, Spain and Great Britain.

* Other European lotteries from Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxemburg, Portugal and Switzerland joined Euro Millions Lottery during the draw of 8 October 2004.

* Even without a rollover the jackpot is €15,000,000.

* Euro Millions Lottery draws take place every Friday evening in Paris.

* Players must be 18 years old, in Great Britain 16.

* Players cross out 5 main numbers choosing from 1 – 50.

* Two extra numbers are also chosen from 1 – 9, lucky stars.

* The odds of winning are 1 in 24.

* The main win is 5 matched numbers from the main range and two lucky stars.

Register and play for real millions!